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By João Pedro Flecha de Lima

Life expectancy of businesses today is much lower than it was in the past: from 60 years in 1955 to less than 15 years nowadays. The causes are the following: the speed at which capital is being reallocated; the ease of digital agents to enter the market; and now companies are working in partnerships to deliver services and products to consumers in a way they have never done before, as part of an ecosystem, rather than just completely autonomous institutions. (1)


No company can master every aspect of a business. It would never match a specialized service provider, who does this constantly for many different entities and geographies. Also, companies often are too busy with their day-to-day businesses to identify, pursue and implement certain specific, disruptive solutions.

During the 18 years I have been ahead of large multinational companies, I had to decide among hundreds of service providers, most with interesting and creative ideas. This know-how in analyzing and selecting the best partners, coupled with the disruption in the way we work promoted by the internet-backed technologies, (2)  paved the way for the creation of Partners Club.


Partners Club is business platform in which professional service firms of renowned expertise, and backed by our rigorous curatorship and meritocracy, provide solutions that are transformational, innovative and unique to companies of all sizes. We bring in partners that are smart, creative and inspiring. But above all, they must be able to improve the performance and the results of our customers.

(1) Harry Robinson, sócio sênior da consultoria McKinsey.

(2) Blockchain, Smartphones, WhatsApp, Internet Cloud, Redes Sociais, Expert Networks, Big Data, Search Engines, e-commerce, Uber, Airbnb, GPS, IA e outras





MBA Columbia University in NY. (Dean’s Honor List). BSc Civil Engineering from University of Brasilia. Previously has been CEO of EllaLink, Head of Samsung Mobile and Huawei. Has also worked with McKinsey & Company and Bank Pactual.



MBA from INSPER, BSc Civil Engineering from POLI USP. Has lead Finance, Sales and Marketing, Legal, IT and HR areas in start-up and large corporations like Samsung, Nextel, Claro, Value Partners, Mind Lab e T4F.



Partners Club is a global business platform in which companies have access to solutions to complex issues that can result in efficiency gains with direct bottom-line impact



Partners Club gathers partners of renowned expertise subject to rigorous curatorship, meritocracy and implementation assurance meaning only the best are selected and continue in the Platform



We make a free initial diagnosis, and the implementation of the solutions once agreed upon is mostly based on a success-fee